Adding links for TOS and Privacy policy on front page of Griddy theme

I have the Griddy theme installed. All looks well, however, I want to be able to add a TOS and Privacy link on the pages. I would like them to be at the bottom of the pages. However, I have installed the terms of service plugin and from what I am reading it is supposed to work with the MyOmeka theme that is not supported in the latest version of Omeka. Is there a way to direct link to the TOS plugin?


You might be able to use the simple pages plugin to create the pages you describe.

You can edit Griddy's footer.php to add the links, and from a quick glance at the TermsOfService code, the URLs you're looking for are "tos" for the terms, and "privacy-policy" for the privacy policy.

Thanks. I was getting a syntax error. Once I figured out the error, the problem was that the links that I put in at the end of the Navigation code in the footer.php file was putting the links dead center into the navigation menu in the footer of the page. The pages and contribution plugin link were to the right of the TOS button/link. Those pages were not in the navigation code in the footer.php file. I had to create a separate link not in the actual navigation area. It will work for now, but is not what I expected to do.

To clarify, the TOS link was between the collections link and the exhibits link. There was no way to sort them as it was the last input on the navigation string. I guess the plugins have some sort of system separate from the footer.php file.

Plugins are able to modify the public_nav_main function, which is why they are showing on your public site, but not in your footer.php file.

If you want the terms of service to act the other links in your footer navigation, then add

<?php echo terms_of_service_privacy_policy_link();?>
between the closing ?> tag of the public_nav_main function and the </ul> tag.