Adding just a link to a file's url in show.php

Once I analyzed my item show.php file and thought about what I actually want to accomplish:

I want to create a Download link (it can just be hotlink to the actual file).

I don't need to display the images/files (already doing that elsewhere on the page).

So, I'm thinking that I could display specific metadata for the file following this:

Is that the direction I should be heading?
Thanks much
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You can get the URL to the original file with the metadata function, by passing 'uri' as the metadata you're trying to get.

You could also use item_image_gallery, which will output thumbnails and links for all the files for an item, but not "display" the files (so there will be no embeds shown).

Ooh, thanks John! I suspected there would be more than one approach. I had not considered the item_image_gallery, but that is a really interesting idea. Our scrapbook has 81 files attached to 1 item record, so that might be a nice way to do that.

Here is the very simple code:
<?php echo metadata('file','uri'); ?>

It totally works except it is not a clickable hotlink. I'm not as well versed in generic PHP as I should be (I know how to do this in Wordpress and Drupal but those are very specific). Suggestions? I'd actually love for every http:// in my records regardless of where they are to just be hotlinked by default, but I don't know if it is easier to just change this here for the download link or try to do it globally?

It's not really a PHP situation here but HTML. With the URL getting output you just have to wrap it in regular ol' HTML for a link:

<a href="<?php echo metadata('file', 'uri'); ?>">Download</a>

Thanks - yes I realized I didn't write the most clear post re: mixing HTML and PHP ;-)

I swear I tried that yesterday afternoon and it didn't work! Thanks much - that does indeed work beautifully.

So, here is what I did since I love it when other people share working code :-)

Wrapped everything in a div file for styling...

<div class="element-text">Right click to download files. File format: "><?php echo metadata('item', array('Dublin Core', 'Format')); ?> </div>

Ok, this worked, but now I have 1 collection that will not any attached files. I need to check for a file before it tries to display.
So, I think I need to check for the file - an if / then statement and maybe print?
Or use goto?


This is what I did:
<?php if (metadata('item', 'has files')): ?>
<div id="collection" class="element">
<h3><?php echo __('Files for Download'); ?></h3>

<div class="element-text">"> "title="Right click to download files">
<img src="" align="center">

"> "title="Right click to download files">
<?php echo metadata('item', array('Dublin Core', 'Format')); ?>

<?php endif; ?>