Adding images to Exhibit Description

Is there any other way to add an image to the first page of an exhibit without putting it in the Exhibit Description box? When I do that they display beautifully in the Exhibit, but broken image links appear on the Browse Exhibits page on the Main site. It's only a problem in IE, Firefox does not display the broken image links.


This may seem like a silly question. We want to add the images between the paragraphs of text in the description, using the exhibit description box. Seeing that you have images between paragraphs without broken links, how did you accomplish this? I have tried using the <img/> tag, to no success(however it is very possible that I wasn't coding it correctly; just learning html).

The easiest way to see what the folks at Smith did -- or other designers of other Omeka sites -- is to View Page Source info in your browser or use a web developer tool called Firebug (for Firefox and Chrome).

You'll see that ehese folks inserted links to images using <img src="url of the image">.

Thanks for the tip!