Adding greater granularity to user roles

I've noticed that there's a significant drop in the number of privileges between the "admin" and "contributor" user roles. We'd like to add a role in between, and I'm curious if that's something that can be done by developing a plugin. In particular, we'd like to create a role that would allow users with that role to add, edit, and delete sections of an exhibit created by an admin or super.

Yes, you can add new user roles to Omeka via a plugin. There's no official way to do this with the API yet, so it's still a bit tricky. There are some hacks that we have used in other plugins to make this work. Keep in mind that this is going to work differently in our next major release of Omeka.

Try the following in the 'initialize' hook for your plugin:

$acl = get_acl();

$acl->addRole(new Zend_Acl_Role('RoleName'));

$acl->allow('RoleName',  'Exhibits', array('edit', 'addSection', 'editSection', 'deleteSection'));

Then you have to create a user with a role called RoleName, at which point they should be able to edit exhibits, add sections, edit sections and delete sections from exhibits. One problem I foresee is these users won't be able to see the exhibit form unless you give them 'edit' permissions. but in the current system, being able to view the exhibit editing form is the same as being able to edit the exhibit. I hope that helps!

Recently I was approached by a customer who would wish to do exactly what this forum member has suggested which is add more « privileges » levels to Omeka.

Your reply said « Keep in mind that this is going to work differently in our next major release of Omeka. »

The problem I have is that the post is four years old and I can't see, on the post, which version of Omeka it refered to....

Could you tell me to whitch version number that « newer version » of Omeka refers to.


I am also interested in the question posed by the first post in this forum. I would like to allow contributors to edit other users work, but not give them the complete access that administrators have.

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