Adding Extra Content Blocks


We are working on a site with materials from a number of different institutional collections. In each instance, we need to provide contextual info about the collection including things like:

Intro to the institution
Intro to the specific collections
Intro to the collectors

These would change from institution to institution and therefore from page to page on the site, but we also need to provide overall project contextualisation, which would remain as a static content block throughout the site.

I am new to Omeka but have used to Wordpress where this could be achieved with a widget (using a widgetised theme). Is there anything similar on Omeka or do you have any other suggestions of how to achieve this?



Every collection has its own metadata. Are you saying you want to display the collection information on every item page?


Thanks for the quick response. I am saying that I want to display contextualising blocks of content - not just collection metadata but something more descriptive - when people access certain items in that collection.

So, for example, someone will access a shield from the Jones Collection at the Winward Museum. I want to have content blocks that explain the history of the Winston Museum and gives details of the Jones Collection. This would change depending on the institution and the collection - a sword in the Smith Collection of the Hayward Museum would have different content blocks displaying details of the history of the Hayward, and giving descriptive information about the Smith Collection.

Is it possible to do this with Omeka? Thanks.