Adding an Image Slider to Exhibit Builder

Hi everyone,
I was able to add an image slider to my Omeka site by adding all of the necessary files to the Common folder of my selected theme and then editing the header and index.php files. Is it possible to implement something similar in Exhibit Builder? Making the same changes to the theme I'm using for the exhibit wasn't sufficient. Since the image slider is a plugin, is that even possible? To use a plugin within a plugin, so to speak? If anyone has any advice, it would be much appreciated!

You might have to edit the exhibit layout you want to use for this to work, or you might be able to do it with just changes to your theme.

It would depend exactly how your slider works and what kinds of code changes you need to make to get it working.

I am trying to add a CSS3 image slider animation to Simple Pages. I hope to figure out by today. If you have any suggestions or sample code do share but I am getting close. I'm not sure if this is a related post or not.