Adding additional meta deta to the item show page

What are the variables or best way to access additional information/meta-data and display it on the Item show page. This is the code I want to add the contributor and owner information to:

<h2><?php if($item->title) echo $item->title; else echo 'Untitled'; ?></h2>
<ul id="item-metadata">
<?php if($item->creator): ?>
<li><b>Creator:</b> <?php echo $item->creator; ?></li>
<?php endif; ?>
<li><b>Item Type:</b> <?php echo $item->Type->name; ?></li>
<li><b>Date Added:</b> <?php echo date('m.d.Y', strtotime($item->added)); ?></li>

I assumed I would be able to add something like:

<?php if($item->contributor): ?>
<li><b>Contributor:</b> <?php echo $item->contributor; ?></li>
<?php endif; ?>

but that seems to break the page.


Hi Ben,

That's the right syntax, and when I use what you posted for getting the contributor field, it doesn't break my page. So, my first guess would be that there's something else on your page that's causing the break. Are you closing the first if statement for item creator? And, what error are you getting?