Adding a Featured Exhibit block to front page

I'm trying to customize the front page of our new site using the Rhythm theme in Omeka 1.3.2 so that instead of showing Featured Item and Featured Collection blocks, we have Featured Exhibit and then Featured Item.

I've replaced the featured collection string in the theme's index.php file with the code suggested on
and changed the pertinent #featured-collection lines to #featured-exhibit in my modified CSS.

When I refreshed the homepage, however, the Featured Exhibit block doesn't contain any of the formatting that should be attributed to a featured box.

I think I'm probably missing something obvious to someone more fluent in PHP / CSS, but I can't find anything else in the current documentation to lead me in the right direction. Do I need to add specific helper functions for exhibits somewhere?

It looks like your code has created a dark orange box on the homepage that has at least some of the "featured box" styling (it has a background color, it has the correct width).

Exactly what styles are you looking for it to have? If you added <h2>Featured Exhibit</h2> to that box, it would basically look the same as the other one.

Ah, I see. It didn't occur to me that I'd need to add the content styling for the exhibit block manually. But it's only innate to the display_random_featured_item string rather than the featured box styles in the CSS.

Would it be better for me to add the exhibit box's content code to the theme's index.php file or to create a function similar to the featured item function in custom.php?

You can add the content code to the theme's index.php file. Use the exhibit_builder_display_random_featured_exhibit() function for displaying a random featured exhibit. This function should include a heading for the 'Featured Exhibit' text.

That... was a lot easier than I was trying to make it be.

Thanks, Jeremy.

In your defense, we need to document that function. I'm doing that now.