Add Thumbnail Image to top (or sidebar) of Edit Page.

I edit a lot of images everyday for our new Omeka site. After a while the edits start running together, and once I click 'Edit' I sometimes can't remember which image I was working on.

I think it would be helpful to have a small thumbnail image displayed at the top or sidebar of the page to reference as you are making edits.

I'm sure this can be done by grabbing some code and dropping it into the correct files, but there may be a more elegant way if it was built in.


Could I ask you to clarify what edit page you are thinking of, what kinds of editing you are doing? There's the item edit page, and there's also the file edit page on the admin side.

Am I guessing right that this is the item edit page, and you are editing metadata there?

If that's the case, a quick check over to the Files tab should give a reminder.

You are correct Patrick. It was the Item Edit page where metadata is entered. I click over to the Files tab, but the thumbnail there is a little too small without clicking it again to view the larger square thumbnail.

I make a lot of edits to similar looking photos, so having the bigger image to look at really helps me. I was able to add a preview to the page fairly easily, and it looks like this:

this is a great idea, terryit3 - thanks for sharing!

For anyone else who wants to try, I just implemented this by adding

<div id="file-thumbnail">
     <?php echo item_image('thumbnail', array(), 0, $item); ?>

after the collection-form div, in admin/themes/default/items/edit.php