Add Slideshow to Homepage

I am looking to add a rotating slideshow to my websites homepage. Does anyone have any recommendations as to coding and/or platforms to add this? I’ve utilized the “WowSlider” application and I have not had much luck with it as far as adding the coding to my site. Any help you can provide is appreciated! Thank you!

If you use the latest and greatest Omeka (version 2.2.2), the shortcode carousel plugin will let you add that with a shortcode in a simple page, and you can then make that your homepage in the navigation settings. Most other parts of Omeka homepages can also be built with the various other shortcodes.

If you’ve built up your homepage directly in the theme’s index.php file, you can invoke shortcodes directly via PHP.

Hi Patrick,

I am in the process of upgrading my site to version 2.2.2. I've uploaded the zip file and have copied all of my original Omeka files to the new version. Now, I am having trouble getting 2.2.2 up and running - my site still says 2.1.3. I feel like I am only one step away from launching the 2.2.2 version but am stuck. Any help you can provide?


odd that it still says 2.1.3. Maybe when you copied the files folder to the 2.2.2 install, you also copied some of the Omeka core files?

In the bootstrap.php file at the root of Omeka, it should define the Omeka version for the code, so that's a place to check.

I just had a look at the bootstrap.php file and it is defined as version 2.2.2 and the older version is 2.1.3. Is there perhaps something that I am not doing on the admin page of my Omeka site? I am scanning over both my server page and Omeka page to see if there is something I'm not doing properly but have not found anything.

So, does everything still work the same, but it just says version 2.1.3 on the admin side?

Yes, everything is still the same and it is the same version though I've added 2.2.2 to my server (cPanel). Is there a "mystery-button" that I have to click to change from version 2.1.3 to 2.2.2?

No mystery button, Omeka should see if there's an upgrade available and proceed accordingly. Did you completely remove all the 2.1.3 Omeka core files elsewhere before moving the 2.2.2 files into the same folder? If some were left behind, cPanel might not have replaced them.

The two versions are in separate folders under my public_html folder of my server. Is this wrong? I'm worried that if I move the current Omeka (2.1.3) out of this public_html folder, I will lose everything.

I notice that older versions of Omeka located on my server (1.3, etc.) do not have bootstrap.php files. Is this because they did not have them previously or because they were removed from the folders during the upgrade process?

Yep, the bootstrap.php file was added later.

Yes, all the new files should replace what's in the current folder where 2.1.3 is.

It's not a bad idea to back a backup of everything in the files folder by making a zip file and downloading it. You'll also want to get a dump of the database for safekeeping.

Moving everything in the folder to someplace else should be safe -- just double-check that the files folder looks like it has everything, and the db.ini file is still there.

Then put the new version of Omeka in the now-empty folder. Copy the files folder into the folder, and copy themes and plugins over. Step 5 in the Upgrading instructions goes into a little more detail.

Good luck!

Thanks for all of your help Patrick!

Does that mean success?

Unfortunately, not yet. But I am almost there ... I will be sure to post a success message once I've solved the issue! :)

Patrick - the upgrade was a success! Now I am trying to figure out the shortcode carousel and how to create a slideshow for the top page of my website. I'm sure I will be writing on the forum regarding my new topic at hand. Thanks again for your help!

This is a nice feature - is there a way to tweak it so that it displays/links to exhibits rather than items?