Add more elements to files metadata

We have an archive that is built on two levels : items are about a building for example, when the files are for different pictures of the building.

Currently, our files metadara are quite empty but we'd like to populate them with some help from our researchers; They would like to include a specific vocab with differents things to describe (architecture elements, period ...). Before trying to torture the DC so that these elements can fit in, I wonder if it is possible to associate the equivalent of "item type metadata" to files, in a simple manner.



There's not really a good analogue to item type metadata for files, but I think the closest thing to that would be to build a small plugin that creates a new element set. That element set would then be available both for items and for files. Such a plugin wouldn't have to do more than use insert_element_set.

That said, from the couple examples you give, it sounds like those _might_ actually be more appropriate for metadata on the item. 'Period', for example, seems to describe the building/item much more than the file. It seems like the same is true of 'architecture elements', unless you want to distinguish which images show particular architecture elements. This is an area where Omeka leaves the interpretation of metadata elements pretty open

Thanks @patrickmj, I was afraid of seeing the word "plugin" in the answer, you confirm it ;)

I know many things should be done at the item level but my researchers colleagues don't agree (yet) with me, I will go with this information and see how to get it done without developing another plugin !

Thanks for this fast answer.