Add Item problem in IE

A test user just pointed out to me that she can't see any of the custom metadata fields on Add Item: Step 1 when using IE7. After selecting an item type, she just gets the spinning disk and the custom fields never appear. Is this a javascript issue?

This is a big problem. I've been developing our site on my home machine using firefox, but MPOW staff have to use IE. We have added a bunch of custom fields that our staff needs access to.

Hi Kkay

Thanks, we are aware of the problem. And we certainly have run into to this with federal museum and local school district partners who can only use IE7.

It seems like we had fixed that problem in an earlier version but it cropped up again. The bug has been identified and is being worked on. I'm not sure if this fix will be in a new release or if it be incorporated with the 0.10 release in the fall. We will let you know.


I'd argue that the Javascript/IE issues (which also come up in the Exhibit Builder) are important enough to be fixed in the stable branch as well.

I've fixed the bug in SVN on both the stable branch and the trunk. We're going to look to see if there are any other big bugs like this that we can fix before we do another maintenance release of 0.9.

I really appreciate the quick fix on on the javascript -- this makes life a lot easier. I changed that one line and we're good to go.