add item in exhibit builder

Hi. I messed something up and can't figure out what, hoping someone can help. When we go to add an item to a section in exhibit builder the button kicks us to the top of the page, it doesn't pop the selection dialog. The link from the "Attach an Item" button is http://xxx.xx.xx.xx/letters/admin/exhibits/edit-page-content/1# . We have a different Omeka install where it is working, same version of software, so it's not a browser problem and I deactivated all the plugins accept for ExhibitBuilder. Thanks.

Omeka 1.5.3
ExhibitBuilder 1.2.1

I also replaced the ExhibitBuilder plugin with a clean copy, using Rhythm theme.

There was a previous problem with this selection dialog, but it was fixed in Omeka 1.5.3.

Can you successfully go to the items advanced search page on the admin side of the site where you're seeing this problem? The previous Exhibit Builder problem that sounded like this was related to an error on the advanced search form.

Yes, this URL renders the advanced search page. I gave up and started from scratch and checked this problem every step of the way and it works. It still doesn't on the other, no telling what I did.

Sorry, here's the URL