Add item blocks to exhibit page layouts

I am building an exhibit and would like to include pages that have text and anywhere from 12-20 item blocks (that show item thumbnails). The included page layout do not allow me to add additional blocks where needed. Is there anyway to do this?

Currently, there isn't a way to add more items than are in the defined layout.

Is there anyway to create a new layout?

Yes. I did a quick check of this procedure, and it seemed to work with the simple data I put in.

In the views/shared/exhibit_layouts directory, copy the entire directory for the layout that's closest to what you want. Save the copy in the exhibit_layouts directory with a new name. I copied gallery_thumbnails and renamed it gallery_thumnails_long.

In the newly created directory, edit layout.ini to give it a new name so you can spot it in the admin screen. You might want to put in a new layout.gif file so it looks different -- otherwise the icon for the layout with just be duplicated.

Then, in your new directory, edit form.php and look for a line similar to this:

for($i=1; $i <= 16; $i++):

The 16 in the line is what limits the form to 16 items. So, change that to whatever upper limit you want.

Last, edit the file layout.php and look for a line similar to:

<?php echo exhibit_builder_thumbnail_gallery(1, 16, array('class'=>'permalink')); ?>

Here, the 16 corresponds to the same upper limit on how many items are displayed. Change that to the same upper limit you put in form.php.

I did minimal checking on this, but I'm pretty sure the process should work for whatever layout you want to change.

Thanks so much, Patrick! I'll give this a shot!