I have a problem with add input..
I have the last version..2.1.1
The problems are
1. when add a new input .. I don't see the box of the new input.
2. Sometimes when add a new input.. Omeka answer with The item "xxxxxxx" was successfully changed!

anyone can help me.....???

In the version 2.0.4 is ok


Could you tell us what browser you are using? This sounds like a javascript problem.

Thanks very much for your answer.
Firefox 24.0 the last version and google chrome the last version..
Maybe if you like, can access to my server with account of colaborator... for example
login: naty
passwd : 123456
and edit the item : 835 (Llegada de Antoine de Saint Exupery)

and add a new input ...

maybe can see the error..
thanks very much again

Is the user you're seeing this problem with a Contributor-role user?

If so, this looks to be a bug in Omeka 2.1.

yes John , is the user.. and the version of omeka is 2.1.1

sorry for my question... but you see these error?
Thanks very much


We're aware of the error, we have a fix applied to the code, and it should appear in Omeka 2.1.2 soon.

Thanks John

Omeka 2.1.2, containing a fix for this bug, is out now.

thanks John