Add files by URL?


I've been looking around for a way to add files to items by URL, and I haven't found anything, so I thought I'd ask. Basically, I'd like to be able to add items by URL in much the same way that they can be uploaded now. The Omeka use case that I'm working with now is mostly small scale student projects, and I want to encourage use of existing library-digitized images in the exhibits that they create. I feel like I must be missing something obvious, but I haven't found anything so far.

I noticed that some of the PHP functions underlying attaching items to files allow for URLs in addition to uploads, but I haven't found anything on the front end, and since it's more for convenience than anything, using CSVImport or the Dropbox plugin don't seem like suitable workarounds.

I'd appreciate any advice that you have.

Thank you,

If all that you are talking about is pointing to the URL for an image or other media file, and just importing that, than the CSVImport option sounds like it would make the most sense. There's not really a way to enter just a URL and pull that file in as a new item.

If you want something that also pulls in metadata, then that'd depend on how library is publishing them. Do you know what system they are using (e.g., Fedora, DSpace, etc). There might be something out there in the Omeka community.