Add exhibit does not work with IE 7 due to tinymce not found


I am trying to help a friend set up a website using Omeka. We want to create an exhibit, but we can not "add" an exhibit. The page comes up blank, and the error is "tinymce is undefined". Both of us are using IE 7.

This happens when running from my Xampp server, or the dreamhost server where we have installed the site or the Omeka sandbox.

It works in Firefox 3 but most users will have IE as their primary browser.

Is there a browser setting we need to change?

Thank you,

Thanks for pointing this out. This sounds like an error with how IE7 is reading the page. There may be a ticket in for this already, but if not I'll be sure to submit one.



Has a fix or workaround for this error been determined? We are experiencing the same problem with both IE 6.0 and 7.0 on the Add Exhibit function. We have Omeka 1.0 beta and the bundled version of Exhibit Builder. Everything is fine in Firefox. We can add items through IE 6.0 and 7.0 without any trouble. But, Add Exhibit fails with the same "tinymce is undefined" error that Virginia noted. Also like Virginia, I experienced the same problem in IE on both my Dreamhost installation and at the Omeka sandbox. Could it be the browser?

Many thanks,
Robbie Davis - SITES

Hi Robbie,
Yes, we are aware of the problem. And it is a problem with IE. If you can work in FFX for now, that is the "work around", if you will.

We do have many IE users, and our dev team is working to fix this error by the 1.0 release.