Add a "about" page

There is a plug in for this I think, but it says it is not for 2.0

Is there a relatively simple way to add another page. I am using Berlin theme, and the two tabs are 'Browse Items' and 'Browse Collection' and I want there to be a "About' page. This is probably a relatively simple thing, but all the php code confused me a bit :p

Any help would be appreciated.

The "Simple Pages" plugin does exactly this. It even creates an "About" page by default.

Simple Pages is compatible with Omeka 2.0, and it comes bundled with the normal Omeka download. All you should have to do is activate it.

I am building a site in using the Berlin theme. I added and about page and have checked the box that says "Add link to this page to the primary navigation?" but it never shows up in the Navigation. I've tried changing themes, checking and unchecking the box and a variety of other attempts. Any suggestions?

Nonob. Generally the best place for support is via the contact page there.