'Access denied for user' error

I have been getting this error after I click on the install link.

<Access denied for user 'scott'@'tau.hytekhosting.com' (using password: YES)>

I created the mySQL database with the right collation and charsets, and updated the db.ini file in the application folder with my username, password, and host (HyTekHosting).

host = "bigredlox.net"
username = "scott"
password = "XXXXXXXX"
name = "omeka"
prefix = "bigredlo_"

The server is running
PHP version 5.2.5
Apache version 1.3.39
MySQL version 5.0.45 (community)

Anyone have any ideas on this?

And thanks for this terrific product., I have been waiting for the right project since I heard about it last summer at the Naval Historical Center.

After talking with host company mod_rewrite is not hopefully that will fix this issue.

It appears your host information is inconsistent - in your list of the db.ini file contents you wrote the host was "bigredlox.net", however earlier in the message you said it was hytekhosting. I'm not familiar with your mySQL setup, but it's possible your mySQL host is a separate server -- double check this with your hosting administrator. The message you recieved '<Access denied for user 'scott'@'tau.hytekhosting.com' (using password: YES)>' should at least reflect the host you've entered in the db.ini.