A List of PHP Pages?

Is there a list of all the screens a user might encounter and their php file names and locations? It's hard to know how the various paths a user might take (like in registering with MyOmeka). I've found some of them but not all and it would help if I could have a simple list and locations so I could style them. Thx.

Have you explored the MyOmeka plugin directory?

If you go to: /plugins/MyOmeka/views/users/public
it contains files dealing with registering, help, dashboard for logged in users, et al. And the files are appropriately named to help you.

The style sheet is here: /plugins/MyOmeka/views/shared/css --it contains the styles that are specific to My Omeka. All other styles will default to the CSS for site's theme.

Thanks Sheila. Yes, I've explored that area and have made some changes. But I was wondering what other pages in other parts of Omeka I should be formatting.

I often need to see how these pages look and function within the context of the user's experience --how they would get to that page and what action I want them to take or information I want them to know. Sometimes it's not easy to know all the processes they might encounter.

Unless I can easily view them in a browser, it's hard to style them.

Where will I find the php page for Advance Search? I need to style it and have looked high and low but can't seem to find it. Thx.

There are a few posts that deal with customizing an advanced search page:




The advanced search form (structural parts of the form) is here:

Thank you.