A Hierarchy of Tags?

I hope this is the appropriate forum for this question. I've been tasked with determining the best way to try to create a hierarchy of tags such that clicking on a link to show items tagged "A" would allow you to then click on an additional tag to show you items tagged both "A" and "B."

Looking at the documentation, it looks like I can get at the information necessary to build such a plugin and my familiarity with WordPress makes me familiar with the idea of hooks and filters so I think I should be able to figure out a way to add my code to the basic flow of Omeka's processes.

But, I wanted to be sure that such a thing didn't already exist. Has anyone encountered such a thing before and, if so, it's it actively developed? Seeking a developer? Something else?

David Kees

The other option we were thinking of was the ability to put collections in collections to build our hierarchy, but this seemed more straight forward and allowed more flexibility.

Regarding the idea of using collections, it might be worth peeking at the in-development Nested plugin, which lets you nest categories to one level.

But working with the tags seems reasonable, too. To clarify, do you really mean a hierarchy, where items tagged "B" would be a subset of items tagged "A"? Or do you just mean the intersection of the two?

I'll look into Nested plugin. When you say it lets you "nest categories to one level" what do you mean? Going with this idea would probably need about 4 layers of nesting if the hierarchy that the client showed me remains the same.

With respect to my goals, the tags idea would likely be showing the intersection. I don't really want to have to write something that would prevent the user from using Tag B unless Tag A had already been applied which would be necessary for the sub-setting idea (at least as I think about it now).

That sounds like Nested won't do the trick, since it isn't yet supporting multiple layers.

So, as far as I know, no one is working on something like that, but it would be super-useful, I imagine.

Let us know how we can help!

Will do. This'll be my first foray into working with Omeka, but from the docs it looks like things shouldn't be too bad. Other than Nested (or perhaps instead of Nested), is there a solidly developed plugin that represents the "best" way to make an Omeka plugin?