A few Neatline-Text questions

I'm finally getting my project to start working like I want it to work, and now I'm moving to displaying the narrative as a part of the project. Two questions as I've started moving into this next segment:

1--I've set Neatlight as my theme, nad have installed the Neatline Text, Waypoints, and SIMILE Timelines widgets. I've followed the instructions here, and reloaded. I don't see any text. Thinking there might be some conflict with Waypoints and/or SIMILE, I turned off both of them. Still not seeing any text. Any ideas?
2--Following up on the previous question--are there conflicts with those three widgets, or are they all designed to work well together?


Hi wmjsimmons,

2 - The three plugins are designed to work together, and, in most cases, don't cause any issues for each other.

1- Let's try to figure out first if the narrative div is appearing in the page source. When you look at the source code of the public view of the Neatline exhibit, do you see a div such as <div id="neatline-narrative"></div>? If you do, does it have the content that you put into the Narrative field in the exhibit settings? If all that is in the source code already, then we'll start looking at the CSS and JS. If not, we'll take a different approach.

Thanks for this! When I looked at the public view, it was there-though it's not in the editing view. I wasn't aware that it would be in one and not the other. Silly mistake on my part. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

Happy to help wmjsimmons. I'll take a look at the docs on Neatline Text and try to make it a bit clearer that the narrative will only appear in the public and fullscreen views.

A follow-up: I want the narrative to float on the left side of the screen (by default, it's on the right, which is also the side of the screen the waypoints bar is on, and I don't like how it looks). I figure this is a simple CSS thing, so I fire up Inspector in Firefox, find the CSS related to the narrative div, and copy it.

The only place I see in Neatline to edit CSS is in the stylesheets box in the editor. I check the documentation, and there's a lot of talk about using that--and "Neatline-inflected CSS"--to do mass processing of large amounts of records. I don't want to do that, obviously, but since I don't see anywhere else to stick my CSS, I paste the CSS I picked up in inspector into that box, and change float: right; to float: left;.

I save, and I reload the public view of my exhibit. No change whatsoever. What am I missing here? Is there not a straightforward, front-in place to edit the structural CSS of my exhibit? If there is, where is it? Just checking before I go and bother my department's web designer with this.


Hi wmjsimmons, in order to change the location of the narrative, you'll need to directly edit the theme. You have a couple of options here. If you have multiple Neatline exhibits in your Omeka install, you'll probably want to create a custom theme for the exhibit. There's some info on that here: http://neatline.org/2014/04/01/creating-themes-for-individual-neatline-exhibits/. In that case, in the custom theme's style sheet, you'll change the styles for the narrative.

Alternatively, if this is the only Neatline exhibit in the install, or you are happy with the narrative always being on the left, you can directly edit your instance of the Neatlight theme. Neatlight uses Stylus and a grunt task to compile to css. In the stylus file, here's the relevant line: https://github.com/scholarslab/neatlight/blob/master/css/style.styl#L101. You'll also need to switch the float on https://github.com/scholarslab/neatlight/blob/master/css/style.styl#L93 I think. If you aren't comfortable with stylus, you could edit the compiled css as well.

Let me know if that helps. If not, we'll keep working on it.

Excellent, thanks csbailey. I'll do the work with the compiled css this evening.

Thanks! this is great stuff.