8000+ manuscript transcriptions for Hitorical & Linguistic Analysis

Hello everybody,

I may begin posting on this forum more often in the coming months so I thought that I'd introduce myself properly!
I'm using Omeka to display and provide faceted browsing for a collection of 8000+ old manuscript transcriptions with very interesting content. I'm trying to create a network of researchers and contributors around these resources, and so I have installed things like the ExhibitBuilder and MyOmeka plugin.
It's all going well so far, however I think that Advanced Search is being stretched to the limit and is currently extremely slow!!! I'll be thinking about trying to integrate Solr or something else to solve this problem. Any tips or advice most welcome!!


Hi Deirde,

We are also in the same boat at the moment. We are looking at using an external document management system and hoping that the database/file layer can be switched to easily work with an external system when it comes to managing meta data and documents. Perhaps their is an API available to allow for this kind of integration? (I'm an Omeka newbie).


Have you found any solution for this issue?

It's not yet released, but the fine folks at UVa's Scholars' Lab are developing a Solr search plugin.

If you're just having troubles with the speed of the advanced search, I also recommend that you try optimizing the tables in your Omeka database (in particular, the element_texts table). In vanilla SQL, you can do this by running OPTIMIZE TABLE table_name, and in phpMyAdmin you can optimize tables from the database's Structure tab.