404 / Login Page for PDF Files

I was a goober yesterday when I upgraded Omeka from 2.2 (I think) to 2.4 and I didn't move my old installation out of the way. I got it to link back to the original SQL tables but I may be missing something(s). All of the metadata and users are back.
The thumbnails aren't displaying, but a few are displaying on the admin/edit side (most are broken). When I try to view the full sized PDF files on the public side it gives me a login page, and if logged into admin it gives me a 404 Page Not Found. I see those PDF paths in the SQL table so I assume (?) they are still there. I loaded a sample PDF and it displays fine.

Example record: http://digital.mobilepubliclibrary.org/items/show/68

I'm training new staff on how to use this tomorrow and I really don't want to tell them I blew away their images. At least there are only 64 loaded so far.

Any ideas on what I broke and how I can fix it? We're on a hosted solution (A Small Orange) but it was working fine before I upgraded yesterday.


What your're seeing are symptoms of the files (from the files/ directory) from the original installation not being there.

I'm not totally sure what you mean when you say you didn't move the old installation out of the way. As long as you have the old files directory from your 2.2 somewhere, all you have to do is put the files back in place and they should start displaying/working again.

I was going off of #3 at http://omeka.org/codex/Upgrading (should've read that first!). No, I didn't move or save the files directory. I didn't think/realize that it would blow away that directory. Live and learn. I'll see if I can locate a backup that includes those files.

So, why the login error on the public side and not a 404 error?


I found the most recent back up and reloaded the files. All is well. :)