404 error only on "Appearance" link landing page...

Greetings all,

Just getting going on building a mockup site for an upcoming online audio archive, of which if the powers that be like what I put together, we will also be migrating our digital collections over from contentDM into Omeka...

Anyhow, installation of 2.0.4 was successful except for the "Appearance" link landing page, which reveals a 404 page not found error...

Being a little rusty on coding, bare with me. I just confirmed that the .htaccess file is indeed in my top level folder, via viewing the directory with Filezilla. It is not viewable when I log in to my server account and view the directory from the file management pane... Not sure if this means it is not there, or rather, not being parsed?

Otherwise, everything else works great. I uploaded a screenshot of the admin account "Appearance" page as a collection item (since you cant login to my admin account) :


Any suggestions as to why I can't access the themes/appearance page?

Let me know if you need anymore relevant info- thanks!

Jared Brennan

For the first part, about not seeing .htaccess in the server's file management pane, that's not too surprising -- often those are configured to hide the files beginning with 'dot'. There's usually some configuration buried in the system. That shouldn't affect whether the server is reading the file.

Not being able to get to the admin/themes/appearance page is a bit of a mystery. Could you try these urls, too, by typing them into the address bar (the links to them would be on the page that's 404ing) and let us know whether they appear to work?


Greetings Patrick,

"admin/appearance/edit-navigation" displays the same 404 page as when clicking on the "appearance" link;

"admin/appearance/edit-settings" works;

"admin/appearance/index" when this URL is requested, it points to/lands on the "admin/themes/browse" page, displaying the 404...

Thanks...I got a similar report of a mysterious 404 from one of our internal testers, but on a different page. So far I'm at a loss, but we're working on it.

One thing to try is to deactivate all your plugins one by one and check if one of the plugins seems to be responsible.


It could be that somehow some files are missing.

Look in /admin/themes/default/appearance/ for files named edit-navigation.php and edit-settings.php

Also look in admin/themes/default/themes for files named browse.php and config.php.

If those are missing, you could just re-upload them from the zip file of Omeka.

As it goes, I did have these files.

Next, I started a new database and reinstalled, using the original unarchived .zip that I uncompressed from my mac, and uploaded to server with FileZilla. Got a register_globals is enabled message, re-tried the install, same 404 message.

3rd try a charm-

Re-downloaded compressed 2.0.4 file, uploaded to server, and uncompressed directly on my server; viola, all's well.

Glad it finally got there. Maybe just something bad in the original file you downloaded.