403 Access errors when creating own pages

I'm creating a page in another folder that I created within omeka. It's a php page and for some reason I get a 403 forbidden error page when ever I try to point my browser to the file. the file isn't calling anything, infact it's blank. Is there any reason that this could be happening that I dont know about?

The link to my page is here:

If you can help me it would be GREATLY appreciated, thank you.


Hi Brandon,

I'm a bit confused by what you're trying to do. If your Omeka site's URL is http://memories.bgsu.edu/cm10/, you're actually creating a physical folder inside of there with the something.php file? By default, any files inside of http://memories.bgsu.edu/cm10/ will be routed through Omeka, so it will be inaccessible.

We have the simplepages plugin within Omeka that will allow you to create static pages inside of Omeka, so you could easily create a page w/ a URL like: ttp://memories.bgsu.edu/cm10/tellusmore/something/

It *is* possible to edit your .htaccess file to make the something.php file accessible. Let me know if that's something you still want to do and I can share some modifications to that code.

Dave, what would the code be to add to the htaccess file to access a file that is not built in simplepages?