3D Objects (archival standards)

Hi has anyone looked at including 3D objects via the X3D (x3dom.org) work. It uses a real standard, is plugin-less and is good for archival quality work. Would be very cool to get a Omeka plugin for it...any questions feel free to ask. Also go to www.web3d.org for the consortium behind it. All open source stuff and real ISO standards.

Not that I know of, but we would always welcome a new plugin!

I'm also interested in 3D objects. What is the chance of this happening in the near(ish) future?

Originally, I thought my repository was going to have a LOT of 3D content, but it has not turned out to be the case. Either way, I have been interested in metadata standards for 3D objects and I am glad to see that someone is working on at least some ISO standards for it. So, yeah, interested.