3 specs I need

Brand new to Omeka and looks like a great tool for a project I'm working on. I've looked through the forums to see if these specifications are available and I'm not sure if they are. Thought it might be easier to ask than continue combing through old posts.

1. Ability for individual items to be indexed by Google. So for example if you searched google for the title of your asset, would the item record come up as a search result?

2. Ability to export data in reusable format (CSV for sure, RIS if possible). From the forums it looks like you can export in XML, is that the only option?

3. Ability to generate usage stats. From the forums it looks like this is possible through Google Analytics. Is there another way or is that the only option?


1. Any publicly accessible item would be indexed by a Google crawl. Outside links into the Omeka site will help in the discovery and indexing. Of course, we can provide no guarantees about _where_ an item would show up in Google's rankings.

2. Latest Omeka versions (since v2.1) has an API endpoint available, which provides the most versatile data access. There is an OAI-PMH Repository plugin to expose data in that common format. Feeds in RSS, Atom, RDF, and and Omeka-specific XML are also available. The COinS plugin also provide a way to grab data.

3. Google Analytics is your best bet for that.

Thank you so much for your responses! Looks like this may be the right tool for the job.


For the third point, there are hundreds of web loggers that work like Google Analytics, simply with a little javascript in the footer.

You can install too an open source tool like Piwik if you want full control on your own data (why to give them for free to a third party?) and if you want to respect privacy of your users (all web loggers sell them).

If you need more integrated stats, directly in Omeka, you can use Stats, a plugin I built to be able to display the number of views of each item in the public theme. This is a simple logger too (stats about usages and users).


Daniel Berthereau
Infodoc & Knowledge management