2nd collection allows user to click Previous and move to 1st Collection help

I have just discovered Omeka, and it seems ideal for setting up the sort of curated site we want. But I have been setting up the site and run into this issue. I have set up two collections and they are not kept separate. The last image in collection one now allows the use to click Next and go to the first in collection two.

Is this the way the system works or am I missing something? We would prefer to keep the different collections completely separate.

Thanks for any help.

This is the way it works.

Collections are ways of organizing items. You can allow users to browse within a list of items in one collection. But, once a user clicks on an item in a collection and click next, they will get the next item in the whole bin of items.

Thanks for the explanation. We'd like to keep different collections separate so maybe we won't be able to use omeka. Shame as it looks great. Before I give up I'll ask if anyone knows a hack that might help out.

Great program,

You could always just remove, from your theme, the "Next" and "Previous" links altogether.

Omeka will always see all your items as one big cohesive group, but you can organize the theme for your specific site to emphasize the collection structure instead.

If you want to keep those links, but cabin them within a particular collection, you'd probably have to write replacements for those functions and use those in your theme instead of what's currently there for making those links.

This probably wouldn't be too difficult, it should only really involve adding an extra clause to restrict the "next" or "previous" item to being in the same collection as the one you're currently on.