2.3.1 upgrade stalled

Trying to upgrade from 2.3 to 2.3.1. Following the steps outlined in the docs, I keep running up against "public site is unavailable until the upgrade completes", and if i try to go to /admin/upgrade I get "page was not found". Not sure how to proceed to get it all up and running.

This sounds sort of like an .htaccess problem. Make sure that you have the .htaccess file sitting in the top level of your installation. If your old installation's .htaccess had changes to things like RewriteBase, make sure those are reflected in your new one as well.

I copied over the .htaccess from the old install, and made sure it's in the top level of the installation. Still getting the same error messages though.

When you just go to /admin, what do you get? (If you get a message, include the whole thing, and if you get redirected to a different URL, include that too).

when I go to /admin I end up at /admin/upgrade. I get a 404 page not found and "/omeka2_eh/admin/upgrade is not a valid URL."

Is that 404 an Omeka error page or a web server error? You can post a screenshot of the page if you're not sure.

If it's a webserver error, that really does sound like an .htaccess problem. If it's an Omeka error page, that would be pretty strange. In that situation the first thing I'd try is re-downloading and re-unzipping the Omeka 2.3.1 zip to make sure you actually got all the files and put them in place.

I've zipped and unzipped again. It says 404 error right on the screen in the browser, so I'm going to go with an Omeka error page?

An "Omeka" error will have styling that looks like the Omeka admin or Omeka public-side sites. An error from your webserver is usually on a plain white background with plain text.

The difference will tell us whether the problem is in Omeka itself, or just that your server isn't actually sending all the URLs to Omeka that it's supposed to.

It has the omeka admin theme with the error message on the /admin/upgrade screen. When I go to the public facing homepage, it's the white screen with plain text that says "public site is unavailable until the upgrade completes"

Okay, that's helpful.

Can you follow the instructions for displaying error messages, including the "optional" step 2?

What that should do is convert the 404 page you're seeing into something that gives us more detail about what exactly is going wrong when Omeka tries to go to the upgrade page.

Turning on debugging helped. Turns out we were missing a file in the themes folder. All upgraded now!