2.0 Themes

Are they any other themes other than the default themes that can used for Omeka 2.0? I did a lot of my development in the Rhythm theme because of the way it is set up with content being in the middle of the screen, rather than fullscreen, but unfortunately, it looks like it hasn't been updated for 2.0...

Are there any themes with a similar layout to Rhythm? Or is there any way that I could make the theme itself recognizable in Omeka 2.0?

So far those are the only ones we've updated for 2.0. Because so many of the PHP functions changed for 2.0, the only way for an old theme to work is to replace the old functions in the theme with the new ones.

Oh, I see. Which files are these functions primarily associated with and what would the new functions be?

There would be changes in pretty much every file in the theme. Here's a list of changes.

There are other things, too, like many functions that used to echo content themselves now just return it, the looping functions have all been consolidated, and the function metadata() does the work of getting data about items, collections, etc. If you compare the old and new versions of other themes, you'll likely be able to get a sense of what's changed.