2.0 compatible Relations plugin

Is anyone working on making the Relations plugin 2.0 compatible?



It looks like I am.

It's been on our list, but haven't been able to get to it yet. We very much appreciate any work you do on this -- please feel free to submit pull requests!


Right now I'm just hacking this from the downloaded 2.0.2 version of Omeka. I am glad to submit pull requests later when I'm working from the codebase. I just sort of want to get this working now on our site.

So far, things have been going well. I am getting this error

Fatal error: Call to undefined function __v() in /usr/home/folks/public_html/folks.pairserver.com/omeka/omeka-2.0.2/plugins/ItemRelations/config_form.php on line 2

when attempting to use the configure button after the plugin is installed.

I'm not sure why the view object on the configure form code is being interpreted as an undefined function. But I'm still learning Omeka and Zend.

Any ideas?

The function __v() was replaced with get_view() in Omeka 2.0.

There's a fairly complete list of changes to helper functions, and other resources on that page might help, too.

Many thanks! Good luck!