1.5 to 2.0 upgrade and migration Issue

Undergrads in my class created a site with omeka 1.5 with neatline prior to the 2.0 release. I was able to migrate the site following the helpful instructions, but I'm having trouble with upgrade. (unfortunately, I didn't have access to the old server with 1.5, only the files the campus IT exported for me, so I tried to migrate first then upgrade.)

1. When I reinstall neatline, the whole site crashed, (database is down). I was using the old neatline, (still listed as 'neatline' in the plug-ins page but "not valid" since it's been deleted) and the new neatline 1.1 is what is causing the crash.

2. When I delete neatline 1.1 from the server, the site is back up, but ONLY the admin module. The public site just show blank (no error messages).

Any advice would be great! thanks!


I just did a fresh reinstall of latest omeka, without any migration or upgrades or preexisting database. Everything was working fine until I installed a few plugins (neatline, comments, etc) and the site crashed again. I just deleted all plugins except the ones that initially come with it and now it's working fine again. Thanks for any help.


I'll respond in the other thread with the same question. It helps everyone find and respond to information to not duplicate questions.