1.5 to 2.0: nested navigation in Rhythm

At long last we have made the leap from 1.5 to 2.0. Our primary use of Omeka is for student exhibits. Most of our Exhibits use a customized version of the (now deprecated) Rhythm theme that has links to Pages nested within Sections. Here's an example of how the older version works:

Before our resident wizard tries to write function(s) to recreate this, has anyone done anything similar with Rhythm and 2.0. Trying not to reinvent the wheel here...


- Hope

Have you looked at how the default theme handles nested pages in exhibits in 2.0?

This isn't a complete answer, but I wanted to be sure you know that you can nest exhibit pages within one another through the Exhibit Builder plugin (drag and drop pages when editing the exhibit) in 2.0. This can re-create the appearance of a section with pages (without requiring that anyone create a section). Those nested pages should then be viewable on exhibits/show pages and in the exhibit nav.

Hmmm...a theme named default does not appear in our list of themes...have to do some digging...

It will be Thanks, Roy.