1.21 themes in Omeka 1.3

Our exhibit themes from 1.21 are no longer effecting the exhibit display in 1.3. We understand that there has been a change in this regard in 1.3. Is there documentation on how to move a 1.2 theme into 1.3 so it works properly?
Many thanks in advance.

Exhibit Builder now uses Omeka’s ‘themes’ directory instead of its own internal ‘exhibit_themes’ directory. This means you can now use any of the public themes in Omeka for your exhibit. So you might try to copy the css from your previous exhibit_theme into the public theme you choose for your exhibit.

We tried this, but the exhibit theme is not displaying. Do you think we need to remake our exhibit theme as a Omeka theme?

I apologize for being unclear. I meant to suggest that you edit the exhibit section of an Omeka theme's css file with the code from your exhibit_theme. And, yes you could make the exhibit theme an Omeka theme which would make it available for use with the new exhibit builder plugin.


There have been a couple of queries on this topic, so I've made a codex page outlining the process.


Hope this helps.

Thanks Ken and Aodiorne! This is super helpful and exactly what we needed to get our exhibit theme moved over and running. Nice documentation and responsiveness. Much appreciated.

We've discovered another issue. First a question. Why is there still an exhibit_theme directory in the ExhibitBuilder plug-in? It seems like some of the theme css is still coming from that directory. If we rename the directory in the plug-in, the theme will no longer work, even though it is in the Omeka themes directory and otherwise seems to be properly working. It seems like there is a legacy path issue someplace?

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Exhibit Builder 1.0 doesn't contain an 'exhibit_themes' directory.

A likely reason that you would still have that directory is that unzipping your new copy of ExhibitBuilder only replaces files that exist in the new copy. Basically, that folder does not get deleted by unzipping a new copy. Assuming your themes have been correctly migrated, renaming or deleting the folder should cause no issues.

The legacy path issue you're seeing is probably caused by some stray exhibit_builder_exhibit_head, exhibit_builder_exhibit_foot, or exhibit_builder_exhibit_css functions in your migrated theme.

The link that Ken posted addresses migrating CSS calls near the bottom of the page.

We reinstalled the ExhibitBuilder 1.0 plug in and now we are getting the following error
exception 'Exception' with message 'Could not find file 'exhibit_themes/bradley-exhibit/screen.css'!' in /home/plain12/public_html/learnonline/application/helpers/AssetFunctions.php:246

All of the head, foot and exhibit functions in the migrated theme were corrected according to Kens directions.

Hmmm, are you sure you replaced exhibit_builder_exhibit_css with <?php

Could you post your header file?