.10b admin CSS bugs and suggestions

I installed .10 this morning and all went well. I'm very excited for the development you guys have been doing. I'm a total Omeka proselytizer.

Here are a couple of minor things I noted when poking around on my install.

IE7: when editing the Dublin Core metadata, the element description under text boxes displays one word per line. This ends up making that page super long. Amazingly, this page looks fine in IE6

FF/IE: on advanced search page the + button to add search fields does not work

-add TinyMCE to SimplePages. Currently must use html or the text does not display between p tags.
-enlarge the DC subject box. I had been listing subjects as a string separated by semicolons. Is best practice to use the Add input box for each individual subject term?
-On the Add Exhibit page, increase the size of the Exhibit Title text box. Awkward to enter titles of even just a few words. (The length of text boxes under Settings is a good length.)
-On the Edit Page for exhibits, add a note in the blue items box that you need to grab the green crosshair to select and stick an image. Users had trouble with just grabbing the thumbnail in .9 version as well.