1.0 - cannot install or upgrade

I have a working 0.92 installation (RedHat Linux, mysql 5.0, php 5.2.6)

I have no plugins enabled.

Following the upgrade instructions I try to open the site in the browser (so I can upgrade);

Ideas? I tried pointing it at a new, empty database, but that gives the same sort of results. I get a screen full of gibberish.

I took out the jibberish because it was messing up the RSS feed for the forums. JeremyBoggs, 01/12/09.

If I run index.php from the command line (php index.php) I can see nice html, etc -- but I notice that the hrefs for things like css and js, etc are rather funky looking: eg http:///./themes/default/css/screen.css

Note: I have also unzipped and attempted to install on my space at pair.com (where there is a working 0.92 installation as well); pair is freebsd, but I get the same results - gibberish to the screen, but if I execute "php index.php" at the command line I see reasonable html with funky paths to css and js files.

I have added the RewriteBase /omeka-0.10 line for a non-root install (and the same + /admin for the admin directory).

This gets even more strange:
reaching the url using Safari, Firefox (both mac and windows), IE and Lynx return the binary gibberish.

However, wget gets proper html which can then be displayed in a browser.

It looks like you've continued this discussion on a separate thread (http://omeka.org/forums/topic/010-gzip-header-problem-was-10-cannot-install-of-upgrade), so I'll go ahead and close this one.