0.10 - gzip header problem (was 1.0 - cannot install of upgrade)

More research reveals:

In firefox, if I can the configuration for network.http.accept-encoding from the the default setting of "gzip,deflate" to "", then I get the pages displayed correctly.

Looking at the headers from the application, it seems that the server is sending gzip'd data with a header that says type="text/html" --

I tried adding in the additional parameters for compression from my 0.92 .htaccess:
php_flag zlib.output_compression On
php_flag register_globals off

At this point, that seems to have no effect on the results.

As the accept-encoding seems to be the default setting for browsers, I really need to solve this before I can put the site up.

Bethnicol, can you tell us where you're downloading code from (the zip on the homepage, or via Subversion)? You mentioned that you're upgrading Omeka -- first off, make sure you backup your database and files. Secondly, can you try creating a fresh install of Omeka and do you still experience these problems?