Upcoming Workshops

Interested in hosting an Omeka workshop? Send an email request to outreach@omeka.org. We do require travel expenses and an honorarium be paid for a team member to give a workshop.

Upcoming Workshops


  • Many THATCamps, The Humanities and Technology Camp unconferences, offer "bootcamp" workshops for a variety of platforms including Omeka. Look for a THATCamp near you.

Virtual Workshops

Videos, lesson plans, and slideshows from Omeka workshops.

Introductions to Omeka

Working with Omeka

  • Omeka Tutorials for middle-level Omeka users working on their own installations, from the American Antiquarian Society.
  • Omeka and Neatline Mapping Tutorials from The Haskins Society. There are two tutorials: 1. Getting Familiar with Omeka, designed to help cultivate a basic understanding of Omeka using only free tools and server space; 2. Creating an Annotated Historical Map Using Omeka Neatline, intended to walk users through the steps required to create an interactive map.

Teaching with Omeka


Hosting an Omeka workshop? Use this form to have it included on this page.