The Omeka documentation pages listed below need a little love. This is an opportunity for the community to contribute back to the project. If you create a new page with sufficient information on it, feel free to remove the link to that page from this list. Otherwise, make a note in parenthesis, for example: "(needs better description)".

If there's something that you'd like documented in Omeka that isn't on the wiki (try searching the website first), feel free to add it here under the appropriate heading.

  • Move functions to a page called 'Functions' instead of 'Theme_API'.
  • Reorganize Functions page
  • Document global functions.
  • Document Objects (Item, Collection, etc)
    • Document Omeka_Record
  • Review helper functions, determine whether they have an existing page, and if so, whether that page is up-to-date with current code.
    • Confirm there is a "Since" heading, to indicate in what version of

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  • Document helper functions in plugins
    • ExhibitBuilder
    • SimplePages
    • Geolocation
    • Coins
  • Review Special:WantedPages and create/remove as appropriate.
  • Generally go through and fix pages that already exist:

Omeka 1.4

  • Cloud storage support
  • SSL support
  • System Info panel
  • Batch Editing
  • New hooks and filters

Changes to document in Omeka 1.3

See changes in Release Notes for 1.3.

Sortable public pages

Converting Exhibit Themes to work in 1.3

Most any exhibit theme can, with a bit of reorganization, work with ExhibitBuilder 1.0 and Omeka 1.3. Need a page documenting this process. (Changing Exhibit Themes to Public Themes)

Exhibit Builder hooks and filters

Need to document existing hooks and filters.


Update Theme Writing Best Practices to include development options available in 1.3. Specifically:

  • Queueing CSS and JS in your theme.
  • Relying on core theme files instead of recreating them all in your own theme.

Update Theme API helpers. Specifically:

  • Document subnavigation ability in nav, public_nav, and public_nav_main global helper functions.

Document how to switch calls to jQuery from Google CDN to local jQuery files.

Adds plugin views to your theme

As of Omeka 1.3, themes can include templates to override plugin views. We should explain this awesomeness.

Changes to document in Omeka 1.2

See changes in Release Notes for 1.2.

Updated theme helpers

  • Image helpers, to take advantage of new way of dealing with alt attribute.

Other Features/Changes

  • Security checkbox for checking file MIME type.
  • New form for managing Item Type fields.


Theme API

Please consult the Theme API Style Guide before creating or editing any of these pages. Consistency is important! Also, be sure to add any new pages you create for functions to the Functions page.

Note: Please DO NOT create a theme API page without planning to also complete that page. We have a number of pages that contain something placeholder text. This makes it really hard to find which helpers need updated content.

Theme Common Problems/Use Cases

  • Rename page, & add to current list Theme_Development_Use_Cases
    • Deleting/hiding element name headings on items/show
  • Check current list to see if current with 1.3 +, & add headings, guidance by version.

General To-Dos

  • Make sure each helper function page has "since" information, to indicate which version of Omeka introduced the helper. We need to be clearer what helper function work with what version of Omeka, since we've introduced new helpers with each version of Omeka.


Item Files

Item Types



  • None

General Theme Helpers


  • Break up the Plugin API page into many smaller pages
  • Document each plugin hook and filter, with examples.
  • Update Deprecated Helper Functions and Hooks for the 1.0 release of omeka
  • Add more Plugin Development Use Cases
  • Add lists of categories for plugin use, such as: batch importing and data sharing; Metadata input and support; Copyright; Web 2.0 and online visitor interaction; Representing data in different contexts; Annotating and displaying item files; Security and site performance.

Omeka Tests

Create pages, or a section, that describes the testing suite in the Omeka core, with relevant links to PHPUnit, writing a test and submitting it, running tests, among others.


Find how to edit and build themes that change the public display of Omeka information and overall site design.