The Dublin Core Extended plugin adds the full set of Dublin Core properties to the existing Dublin Core element set, including element refinements and supplemental elements. See the Dublin Core website, under "Properties in the /terms/ namespace."

If you are using, see instructions for the plugin in the Help section of

Uninstalling Plugin

After installing, if you wish to deactivate the plugin so that the extended DC fields are not visible in the items, you must also click the "uninstall" button in the admin/plugins page to get rid of those additional fields.

Elements Added to the Dublin Core Element Set

  • Abstract
  • Access Rights
  • Accrual Method
  • Accrual Periodicity
  • Accrual Policy
  • Alternative Title
  • Audience
  • Date Available
  • Bibliographic Citation
  • Conforms To
  • Date Created
  • Date Accepted
  • Date Copyrighted
  • Date Submitted
  • Audience Education Level
  • Extent
  • Has Format
  • Has Part
  • Has Version
  • Instructional Method
  • Is Format Of
  • Is Part Of
  • Is Referenced By
  • Is Replaced By
  • Is Required By
  • Date Issued
  • Is Version Of
  • License
  • Mediator
  • Medium
  • Date Modified
  • Provenance
  • References
  • Replaces
  • Requires
  • Rights Holder
  • Spatial Coverage
  • Table Of Contents
  • Temporal Coverage
  • Date Valid

The dc-rdf Output Format

The plugin also introduces the dc-rdf output format for expressing Dublin Core metadata using the Resource Description Framework. Omeka already comes with the dcmes-xml output format, which dc-rdf supersedes. To view this output, simply add "?output=dc-rdf" to the end of the URL on the items browse and show pages.