404 Errors

If you follow a link in Omeka and you get a 404 error or an error saying the URL is not valid, this is likely caused by a mod_rewrite problem on your server. There are two possibilities:

  1. You forgot to copy the .htaccess file when FTPing your install. Double check that it transferred properly.
  2. Your server may not have mod_rewrite installed. Create a PHP file with the following code: <?php phpinfo(); ?> and double check that it's currently enabled. (How? Where?) If not, contact your system administrator. mod_rewrite is currently a requirement for Omeka.

If installing mod_rewrite does not solve the problem, check that your Apache configuration allows .htaccess overrides. You will need the AllowOverrides All directive in the appropriate place in httpd.conf.

Getting Better Error Messages

A blank or white screen is often an indication that Omeka or PHP has encountered an error. Since error messages can often contain private or technical information, Omeka hides them by default. See retrieving error messages for instructions on how to show these messages. The content of error messages can be extremely useful for troubleshooting, so try these steps before seeking further help.

Further Help Troubleshooting

General questions should be asked on the Omeka Forums. Advanced users may wish to post their technical questions on the Developer Mailing List for a more specific solution to their problem.