CSV Import by Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media

Imports items, tags, and files from CSV files.

The CSV Import plugin allows users to import items from a simple CSV (comma separate value) file, and then map the CSV column data to multiple elements, files, and/or tags. Each row in the file represents metadata for a single item.

When using this plugin, you may only import one item type (document, still image, sound, et al) at a time. You may perform multiple imports.

License: GPL

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Omeka Minimum Omeka Target Release Date 22, 2016 4, 2014 6, 2014 10, 2013
2.02.0-dev2.0February 21, 2013 17, 2012 8, 2011 1, 2011 24, 2011 22, 2011 22, 2011