Following Zend Framework 3, the configuration file (application/config/module.config.php) defines many things that Omeka S depends on, including

  • Routes and navigation
  • Controllers
  • Entities
  • API adapters
  • Forms

Modules add their own configuration setting via their own module.config.php files. See Modules for more information. These configuration settings add to, and possibly modify, the core configuration.

Most important keys

The following keys in configuration are mostly likely to be of interest:

  • logger
  • router
  • navigation

See also Services and Factories

Invocables vs Factories

You will often see subkeys of invocables and factories in the configuration file. These refer to how Omeka S creates new objects -- either directly ('invocable') or indirectly ('factory'). Factories are used to add data or classes into the object that would otherwise be directly created (i.e., invoced). See Services and Factories for more details.

Accessing the configuration

When a ServiceLocator object is available, do

$config = $this->getServiceLocator()->get('Config');

$config will be the array of information. In all cases, you should know the key of the information you need.

See also