Getting started

A theme might be the unique look you want to give to your own site, or it might be a general theme that you want to make available to the community. Either way, here are some resources to help you get started.

To get a feel for how things work, you might want to look at some of the existing themes. Two good ones to look at are Seasons and Griddy.
Seasons combines four previously distinct themes, Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, into one configurable theme. It demonstrates:

  • Basic theme files and structure
  • Making a theme configurable

Griddy is our newest theme. It demonstrates:

  • Theme folder and file structure
  • Header and footer files
  • Customizing Exhibit Builder pages
  • Custom functions for displaying featured items and collections

The following pages from our wiki might also be helpful when getting started:

Have a question or need help? Ask us on our forum, or send an email to the dev list.

Sharing your theme

When you are ready to share your theme with the others, we recommend that you start by telling us about it on the dev list with a link to it. That will gives us a chance to get to know you if we don’t already, and get more feedback from the community. Then, you can sign up for an account on our addons site (which runs on WordPress). When your account is approved, you will be able to submit your theme and make it available on our themes page. If you are part of an organization that will be contributing, you might want to create an account for the organization, since users cannot edit other users’ addons.

The one requirement for having your theme listed on our themes page is that you include a link to a page where you will provide support for it. This could be a link to an issue-tracking system, such as GitHub’s, a link to a mailing list that you create (not the omeka-dev list), or whatever mechanism you choose for providing support. The url must be provided in the theme’s .ini file as ‘support_link’.

See Preparing your addon for more information.