User Roles

Omeka allows you to give different backend users different levels of access to your archive. Read through the following list of actions available to users to determine what works best for your project team members.

Super Users

  • Can do anything and everything in Omeka.
  • Supers are the only users with access to the Settings panel for activating and configuring plugins; choosing and configuring themes; adding and editing users; changing general settings.

Admin Users

Admin users do not have access to the Settings panel.


  • add items
  • edit items (including those from other users),
  • tag items
  • view all the items that are not public
  • remove tags by other users
  • make items public (or not public)
  • make items featured


  • add collections
  • edit collections
  • view collections that aren't public


  • edit/remove files


  • rename tags (as in, change the tag 'foo' to 'bar')
  • delete tags for all items (as in, remove the tag 'katrina' from the whole system at one time)

Item Types

  • add/edit/delete the available Types


  • Admins may use any of the plugin panels and actions, once activated and configured by Supers.

Contributor Users

  • tag items
  • add new items
  • edit their own items
  • delete their own items
  • cannot make their own items public.
  • can see items by other contributors that have not been made public.
  • create their own exhibits from items that are public.

Researcher Users

  • view items that are not public
  • view collections that are not public