Report a Bug

Before Reporting a Bug

Always check to see if it has already been reported. Although we try our best to avoid any problems with the software, whenever there is a bug, we often hear about it 10 times as a credit to the great user community we have. Use the search bar in the upper-right of the website to make sure it hasn't already been discussed on the forums or in another place. If your problem is different -- tell us about it.

Who Posts Bugs and Where

Users of varying technical skill will report bugs in different places. We encourage novice users to post bugs to the forums if they think somethings broken, but don't know why. For users who have an interest in hacking and developing code with Omeka, the developer mailing list is to discuss and look under the hood for code fixes. Sometimes these bugs affect the core of the software, and sometimes they require basic modifications to a user's theme or plugin. Power users and developers can report bugs directly in our issue tracker on GitHub.