Release Notes for 2.3

Omeka 2.3 was released on March 19, 2015.


  • Accessibility improvements (added ARIA roles and landmarks, improved labels, navigation skip links)
  • New file derivative strategy using PHP's GD extension
  • Built-in support for setting default sort orders for browse pages
  • Element dropdowns on item advanced search respect the admin-configured element sorting order (#643)
  • The admin-configured page limits for browse pages are used for more controllers, including plugins
  • The listing of items on collection pages now follows the admin page limits (#601)
  • Support for the new access control directives used by Apache 2.4 (#631)
  • URLs within the default citation output now include a span wrapper to allow specific styling
  • New interface for resetting customized navigation to default settings
  • Improved error output for exceptions
  • Detailed error messages are now always shown for exceptions during upgrade
  • Support for newer versions (4.2+) of PHPUnit
  • The API now accepts sort_field and sort_dir GET parameters for sorting results
  • Omeka will hide the "Path to ImageMagick" setting when an alternative derivative strategy is in use
  • The System Information panel now uses internal "folder" names for both themes and plugins
  • Improved translation coverage (#655, #659)

Bugs Fixed

  • Tags were incorrectly treated as case-sensitive in some places
  • Assigning tags to records caused an SQL error for some newer MySQL servers
  • The item advanced search "does not contain" worked incorrectly with elements having multiple texts
  • API authentication did not work properly on installations with no database prefix
  • browse_sort_links for "bare" links handled attributes incorrectly (#648)
  • Setting a custom homepage including a query string would silently set that query on all pages
  • Upgrades could fail on some "strict mode" MySQL configurations
  • Upgrades directly from old 1.x versions could fail when migrating collections
  • Theme overrides of plugin views did not apply when on a different plugin's page (#635)
  • The display of item search filters did not always recognize when users filtered by tag
  • Automatic alt attributes for file display were over-escaped
  • Admin-side page titles on hover were over-escaped
  • Long titles for records indexed for the sitewide search could be silently truncated or cause an error
  • The sitewide search form did not respect the documented submit_value option
  • Errors on individual items could cause the "Index Records" job to fail
  • Item Types did not properly clean up after themselves after they were deleted


  • The Norwegian (no) translation has been moved to Norwegian Bokmål (nb).
  • New translations for Bulgarian (bg_BG), Korean (ko_KR).
  • Updates to many existing translations

External Libraries

Omeka 2.3 updates to the following versions of its external dependencies:

  • Zend Framework 1.12.11
  • jQuery 1.11.2
  • jQuery UI 1.11.2
  • TinyMCE 3.5.11

Bundled Add-ons


  • Exhibit Builder 3.2
  • Simple Pages 3.0.5


  • Thanks, Roy 2.3
  • Seasons 2.3
  • Berlin 2.3

For Developers

For change information geared toward developers, see What's New in Omeka 2.3 on Omeka's Read the Docs site.


The following members of the Omeka community contributed code, fixes, and improvements to Omeka 2.3: