Release Notes for 2.2

Omeka 2.2 was released on July 2, 2014.

New Features


  • Omeka now supports shortcodes for embedding content such as a list of recent or featured items, as well as plugin content, such as a map from the Geolocation plugin.
  • The new Simple Pages plugin bundled with Omeka supports shortcodes in the page text.

Derivative Images

  • Configurable and extensible derivative image (thumbnail) creation
  • Blacklisting and whitelisting image creation by MIME type in config.ini
  • Support for using ext/imagick instead of command-line ImageMagick
  • The default ImageMagick derivative creator no longer separately tries to run identify; this can double thumbnail creation speed for some files

Representative Files for Records

  • Any record type can return a "representative" file Omeka can use for displaying thumbnails
  • Collections and Exhibits select a representative image for themselves and so will show thumbnails on the front page, their browse pages, and in shortcodes
  • Items, Files, Collections, Exhibits, and any other records with representative images will show thumbnails on sitewide search results


  • Admins can hide the header listing the element set ("Dublin Core") on item/collection/file pages through Appearance Settings
  • Additional fallback thumbnail icons for audio, video, and image types
  • Sorting links on the default public collections browse view
  • Common "single.php" themeable display for Items, Collections, and Exhibits used in recent and featured sections and shortcodes
  • Dev-editable button text for items-specific search

Admin Interface

  • New interface for manually resending the user activation email message to a user.
  • The user edit page is split among three subpages and more closely follows the admin style
  • The Item-specific advanced search page more closely follows the admin style
  • The File edit page has tabs for each element set and filter-added section, like the Item and Collection add/edit pages
  • The dropdown for selecting a Collection for an item is sorted alphabetically by collection title
  • HTML edit boxes for metadata will automatically grow with the text input


  • Admins can now specify more Allowed HTML Elements, such as iframe
  • Ability to enable or disable element filtering for the API


  • Username restrictions greatly relaxed to allow email addresses as usernames
  • Theme configuration can now be divided into named sections
  • Accessibility improvements throughout the admin and public themes
  • jQuery and jQuery UI now automatically fall back to local copies if the CDN copy can't be loaded
  • All records can be sorted randomly
  • Search term input on "Narrow by Specific Fields" disables for "is empty" and "is not empty" types
  • Files can be internally filtered by original filename (#616, thanks to Daniel Berthereau)
  • Simple "OR" searches on records by providing an array of values (#622, thanks to Daniel Berthereau)

Bugs Fixed

  • MIME types could be incorrectly set for multiple files uploaded simultaneously
  • HTML in titles shown incorrectly on batch-edit
  • Invalid XML characters could break omeka-xml and omeka-json output (#617, thanks to Rachel Donahue)
  • Emails sent by Omeka did not support non-Latin characters (#618, thanks to Marios Bekatoros)
  • Element names were not localized on items/browse listing of filters (#620, thanks to Matti Lassila)
  • On the item-specific advanced search, "does not contain" did not include items that completely omitted the element (#621, thanks to Daniel Berthereau)


  • todo


Bundled Plugins

  • Exhibit Builder 3.1
  • Simple Pages 3.0

Bundled Themes

  • Thanks, Roy 2.2
  • Seasons 2.2
  • Berlin 2.2


A small number of plugins need to be upgraded to work with version 2.2:

For Developers

For release information aimed at developers, see What's new in Omeka 2.2 in the developer documentation.

Library Updates

  • Zend Framework 1.12.7
  • HTML Purifier 4.6.0
  • jQuery 1.11.1
  • jQuery UI 1.10.4
  • TinyMCE 3.5.10 (jQuery version)