Release Notes for 2.0.4

Omeka 2.0.4 is the fourth maintenance release for the 2.0 series. It was released on June 27, 2013.

Bugs Fixed

  • XSS vulnerabilities in the items and sitewide searches (reported by Brad Spry)
  • Permissions check bug and error on admin/files/show for contributor and researcher roles (#569, reported by scampbell)
  • Hooks for adding/removing tags weren't always fired (#522)
  • Error on items/browse when using some incorrect or outdated search parameters (#527)
  • Manual specific-page pagination broken on admin/users (#530, reported by Wayne Graham)
  • Admin sidebar nav can grow too long and make items on the bottom inaccessible (#519)
  • Dervative file extension calculation was incompatible with differently-formatted filenames (#551, contributed by Daniel Berthereau)
  • "Type" advanced searches were not preserved on the form (#548, fix contributed by Jeremy Boggs])
  • Some untranslated strings in some admin forms
  • "View Public Page" link was missing from admin/files/show
  • Nonfunctional "Delete" link shown for items even when user has no delete permissions


  • Updated translations for: Catalan - Spain (ca_ES), Greek (el_GR), French (fr), Italian (it), Flemish (nl_BE), Dutch (nl_NL), Norwegian (no), Swedish (sv_SE), Ukrainian (uk)


  • The bundled Exhibit Builder plugin is updated to 2.0.4, and the bundled Simple Pages is updated to 2.0.3. Both updates contain added and updated translations.